Massachusetts Cities That You Really Need To See

One of the most famous states in regard to American history is Massachusetts. The capital city Boston is a huge part of the history of the United States with the Boston tea party, and other memorable moments. There is also the Freedom Trail, one of the reasons that people will actually go as they can learn about the Revolutionary War from tour guides that will tell them exactly what happened. Parts of this tour include information about Bunker Hill, and they will take you right up to the monument. There are other reasons to go such as visiting a couple other cities as well. Here are the places you should go the next time that you are in Massachusetts.

Boston Massachusetts Fun Filled Activities

One of the most well-known and historic baseball fields in the United States is Fenway Park. You can take a tour and learn all about this baseball field than its historical significance. If you just want to drive around the city, instead of taking a cab, you can do a pedicab tour, bike tour, or a Segway tour which are really fun to do with family and friends. The Museum of Find Arts, and also the Institute of Contemporary Art are good places to go to learn about things of historical significance. From there, you can decide to go to another state which many people recommend Salem as your next stop from there.

What To Do In Salem Massachusetts

Salem is known for many different things which include the Salem Witch Trials, and haunted locations throughout the city, and many other tours that are offered. There are sites and landmarks, places to go shopping, and also national parks. There is the Pickering Wharf and also the Salem Common, plus a memorial to the Salem Witch trials that you should definitely check out.

The other cities and towns that you should consider visiting include Plymouth, Provincetown, Springfield, and many others. It’s a great place to go to learn about not only history, but to check out the Atlantic Ocean. You might even head over to Nantucket Island which is very famous, taking a ferry out on the water. Book your vacation today and see how much you can save on your trip to Massachusetts this year. If all goes well, you will not only save quite a bit on your trip, but you will want to come back multiple times in the future.